Allusions In Pop Culture

Believe it or not, but allusions surround you everyday. Whether in a book you're reading in English or on a TV show you're watching at home- allusions can be found everywhere, including pop- culture. Allusions to past or recent works of art as well as events follow you everyday in the form of songs, movies, TV shows, and books. Though they may not seem obvious at first, allusions are in more things than you think.

So what exactly is an allusion? An allusion is defined as an indeirect reference to a piece of literature, art, a movie, an event, or TV show. Almost anything can be alluded to! The purpose of allusions is to use other people's work and ideas, but to twist and shape them into your own interpretation, creating your own separate piece of work. Still don't understand what an allusion is? Want to learn about some examples? This website is committed to educating YOU, yes you, about the various allusions that are around you and show that they aren't so scary, but actually really creative! Visit the rest of the site, and you'll see various examples in all areas of pop- culture.